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Every appliance gives out at some point, but no washer should need replaced in under five years.

Most of the time, any issues can be fixed with swapping some damaged washer parts. We come prepared with pre-stocked washer parts for general repairs. Aside from our universal parts and repair kits, we can collect the replacement washer parts in Dublin CA at discount rates to save you money.

As soon as you get our Dublin washer repair men out to look at your appliance issue, we will gather what we need and slide in for the fast washer repair. We finish every washer repair in Dublin CA in a timely manner. This is because we understand how important it is to be fast and efficient, as we have serviced appliances for various business owners in Dublin CA. With each washer repair in Dublin CA we take on, whether residential or commercial, we follow the same formulaic approach.

You call us up and discuss your washer repair needs, then we have a guy go out and confirm what's wrong with your washing machine. From there, we tell you what it will run for the labor and parts -- if you prefer waiting, going elsewhere or replacing the appliance instead, you will just be responsible for the diagnostics charge or service call fee.

Keep in mind, some newer washing machines give error codes when their parts stop working properly. If you are getting any codes, let us know as that will further explain what's wrong with your washer. All said, we have a tremendously high success rate when it comes to washer repairs in Dublin CA and we are confident you will be pleased to have chosen us for your repair needs.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

If your washing machine overfills it could be because of a fault in the water level pressure switch. This often happens as a result of soap residue getting into the plastic tube that attaches to the valve. The switch itself might also be burnt or cracked, so you might need to put a new one in -- if it's visibly fine, use a multimeter to check for continuity. Alternatively, you could just be loading the washing machine tub up with too many clothes. Loosely pack the tub up to the top of the agitator at most.


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